Living Single with Lqb

In this installment of “The Officially Street Podcast”, Syer and Jayomega interview their guest, friend, and fellow Street Official, LaQuan Bey. During this interview, they probe Quan on what it’s like to be a single black man in America–or in his case, Philadelphia. As Syer and Jayomega have been far removed from the lifestyle for so Read more about Living Single with Lqb[…]

Makeup Sex & Rap Beef

In Episode 2 of “The Officially Street Podcast”, Syer and Jayomega discuss crazy women and their ability to scare the living sh*t out of their partners, makeup sex and it’s pros, the difference between what rap beef was in the 90’s in comparison to what it is today, and much much more!

The Introduction

Welcome to ‘The Introduction‘. This is the very first episode of our podcast, so bare with us! In this pilot episode, we discuss sex, music, ‘Straight Out of Compton’, tattoos, fashion, and many other hot topics! Please leave feedback in our comments/inbox, or email us @, and if you enjoy, subscribe! We think that in Read more about The Introduction[…]