EP.73 (2/2) – The BIG Announcement

Welcome back for another #ESSOFriday filled with THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST! Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday! In this episode, it should be no surprise that the fellas talk a lot about Kanye West, given his outlandish antics over the passed week. Additionally, they share some of their favorite Thanksgiving memories, Syer shares an embarrassing story for #SurvivorSeries, and Read more about EP.73 (2/2) – The BIG Announcement[…]

EP.73 (1/2) – Didn’t See It Coming [TWD BONUS]

Hey guys! Episode 73 ended up running kind of long, so for the sake of time, we decided to set aside a bonus episode for this week’s recap/review of #TheWalkingDead. Tune is as we discuss Season 7 Episode 5 of #TWD – “Go Getters”, and we will be back this #ESSOFriday for Episode 73 (2/2). Read more about EP.73 (1/2) – Didn’t See It Coming [TWD BONUS][…]


Happy #ESSOFriday #Refs! Thanks for tuning in to another DOPE episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST. It’s been a slow week, so in this episode, Syer and Jayomega take the opportunity to not only discuss some “Official or Unofficial” topics, but also to read aloud a survivor series story that was submitted by one of you dedicated Read more about EP.72 – IDIOCRACY[…]

EP.71 – EleKKKtion 2016(66)

Well folks, here we are – staring at the elephant in the room. We’re still suffering from the events of the year 2016(66), and possibly one of the worst of them all took place this passed Wednesday. 11/8/2016(66) will likely go down as one of the most embarrassing days in U.S. history, with election of Read more about EP.71 – EleKKKtion 2016(66)[…]


Fellas, are you about that #BeardLife? Do you struggle with finding the right products to have your beard looking A1 and feeling soft as shit? Ladies, is your man’s beard always looking wild nappy, and scratching up your goodies because it’s brittle as hell from lack of moisture? Male or Female: If you answered yes, Read more about GET DISCOUNTS ON SELECT PRODUCTS AT “BESTBEARDCREAM.COM”[…]

EP.70 – “The Kick is Good!”

We didn’t have any “MAIN topics” this week, so for the seventieth episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, Cherry joined us (for the second week in a row!) for our jam packed #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL segment. Also-in the spirit of Halloween-we shared our favorite Halloween films, our greatest physical fears, and our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes for 2016. Lastly-but Read more about EP.70 – “The Kick is Good!”[…]