EP.91 – First Time Etiquette

This week we were joined by Cherry to discuss a bunch of current events as usual, as well as share whether or not we think some of those events are official, or unofficial. Things get interesting when Cherry shares a story with us, and it sparks an entirely different conversation surrounding one night stands, and Read more about EP.91 – First Time Etiquette[…]

#TOSDeadcast EP. 6 & 7 – The Other Side / Something They Need

Sorry about last week, we had some issues with conflicting schedules. However, we made up for it this week! In this episode, @SyerSO and @JayomegaSO recap and review BOTH #TWD Season 7 Episode 14 “The Other Side”, AND 15 “Something They Need”. Enjoy! www.officiallystreet.com/dead6and7

EP.90 – The Episode About Nothing

What’s going on refs?! This episode – absent Cherry Poppins – Syer and Jayomega bring a few SPECIAL guests to the show. Biz, Cake, and Kilsy from The About Nothing Podcast join them in talking about Hip Hop, Sneakers, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sex, Grimey Bronx niggas and THIEVING Brooklyn niggas, and WHOLE Read more about EP.90 – The Episode About Nothing[…]

EP.89 – Parkour Gone Wrong

What’s up refs?! Welcome back to another AMAZING EPISODE of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST! In this episode – Jayomega, Syer and Cherry provide their (hopefully final) input on the Remy Ma / Nicki Minaj beef. They also discuss the ATL Orgy, and whether or not they each would be down to partake in such sorts Read more about EP.89 – Parkour Gone Wrong[…]

EP.88 – Everybody Gets a Dream

In this episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST – Syer, Jayomega, and Cherry Poppins talk about Donald Trump accusing former President Barack Obama of wire tapping his phones during the election process. They discuss Oprah Winfrey’s comments on running for President, and whether or not they would vote for her. They share their opinions on Read more about EP.88 – Everybody Gets a Dream[…]

EP.87 – Survival of the Fittest feat. Chris Fields

In Episode 87 of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we welcomed artist and producer Chris Fields to the studio. Together, we discuss Trumps latest press conference, the Oscar’s “mix up”, Swiss Beatz vs Just Blaze, Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj, and so much more! Of course, at the end we get into the story of Chris Read more about EP.87 – Survival of the Fittest feat. Chris Fields[…]

EP.86 – The Officially Street Grammys

It’s #ESSOFriday! This week we decided to have some fun. We heard that Boosie said that the streets need their own Grammys, because our culture isn’t properly represented. SO! After doing our normal show, we decided to hold our own awards show – THE OFFICIALLY STREET GRAMMYS! Some of the categories include: Best Beef of Read more about EP.86 – The Officially Street Grammys[…]

EP.85 – Bake & Water Whip Weight Again

In this episode, we’re joined in the studio by Cherry Poppins’s mentor DJ Dirty Fingers! We get into the history of how he started DJ’ing, as well as how he became a radio personality. Together, the 4 of us talked Grammys, the Jim Jones/Camron situation, Black Twitter’s celebration of a KKK member’s death, Bob Romanik’s Read more about EP.85 – Bake & Water Whip Weight Again[…]

#TOSDeadcast EP.1 – Rock In The Road

We know you guys missed us recapping episodes of #TWD. Sorry, we had fallen off a bit, but we’re back at it! In fact, we’re dedicating an entire side series to this and calling it The Officially Street DEADcast! Make sure to use the hashtag #TOSDeadcast when referring to our episodes related to #TWD, and Read more about #TOSDeadcast EP.1 – Rock In The Road[…]

EP.84 – #NeverRemember

What’s going on refs? We brought a couple of special guests into the studio and went off on a BUNCH of tangents, but it made for a dope episode. We spoke about Trump not knowing who Fredrick Douglas is, his Muslim ban being being halted indefinitely, Kanye no longer supporting him, but ironically, “the top gangs Read more about EP.84 – #NeverRemember[…]

EP.83 – “Work On That Arch Tho”

So … Beyonce announced that she’s pregnant with twins, and of course, the world stopped. Donald Trump is already getting trigger happy with all of these executive orders he’s been signing off on. Uber aint shit. Carolyn Bryant admitted that she was lying about at the time 14 year old Emmett Till making advances at Read more about EP.83 – “Work On That Arch Tho”[…]

EP.82 – Alternative PHAX

Did anybody watch Donald Trump’s inauguration? Should we care that Chrisette Michele performed at it? What is an “Alternative Fact”? Should we care that WikiHow clearly white washed the fuck out of a photo Obama, Jay Z and Beyonce? Can one become tired of having the same sexual partner? Who should be more important in your Read more about EP.82 – Alternative PHAX[…]

EP.81 – America, Get Your Shit Together

Happy #ESSOFriday! We spoke about quite a bit this episode. Taxstone, Troy Ave, Dylan Roof, YG, Meek Mill, Slim Thug, Donald Trump, now former POTUS Barack Obama, and MUCH MORE. For extra innings we asked “Is it OK get involved with someone who is still trying to find themselves or ‘get their shit together’”? You Read more about EP.81 – America, Get Your Shit Together[…]

EP.80 – Happy Wives, Happy Lives – Part II

A couple of weeks ago, we brought our wives on the show to give them (and us) the opportunity to get some things off of our chests. It got so crazy, we had to split it into 2 parts! Here’s part 2, featuring a Q&A segment where we we read aloud and answered questions that Read more about EP.80 – Happy Wives, Happy Lives – Part II[…]

EP.79 – Don’t be a Negro, be my Nigga

We recorded this very early in the week, so you’ll notice that we missed discussing a bunch of new developments that tie in to a lot of the topics we spoke about this episode. Nonetheless, this was our first episode to kick off 2017, and we brought it in with a bang! Tune in! #PPOTW (Podcast Read more about EP.79 – Don’t be a Negro, be my Nigga[…]

EP.78 – Happy Wives, Happy Lives

This week, we did the unthinkable…We invited our wives onto the show, and as you would imagine, they had A LOT to say… We told the stories of how we met, what it was that made us realize our spouses were “the ones”, and how we proposed. We also played our own version of “The Read more about EP.78 – Happy Wives, Happy Lives[…]