#TOSDeadcast EP.8 – The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

In this episode, @SyerSO and @JayomegaSO recap and review #TWD Season 7 FINALE!!! – Episode 16 – The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. Enjoy! www.officiallystreet.com/dead8

#TOSDeadcast EP. 6 & 7 – The Other Side / Something They Need

Sorry about last week, we had some issues with conflicting schedules. However, we made up for it this week! In this episode, @SyerSO and @JayomegaSO recap and review BOTH #TWD Season 7 Episode 14 “The Other Side”, AND 15 “Something They Need”. Enjoy! www.officiallystreet.com/dead6and7

#TOSDeadcast EP.1 – Rock In The Road

We know you guys missed us recapping episodes of #TWD. Sorry, we had fallen off a bit, but we’re back at it! In fact, we’re dedicating an entire side series to this and calling it The Officially Street DEADcast! Make sure to use the hashtag #TOSDeadcast when referring to our episodes related to #TWD, and Read more about #TOSDeadcast EP.1 – Rock In The Road[…]

EP.73 (1/2) – Didn’t See It Coming [TWD BONUS]

Hey guys! Episode 73 ended up running kind of long, so for the sake of time, we decided to set aside a bonus episode for this week’s recap/review of #TheWalkingDead. Tune is as we discuss Season 7 Episode 5 of #TWD – “Go Getters”, and we will be back this #ESSOFriday for Episode 73 (2/2). Read more about EP.73 (1/2) – Didn’t See It Coming [TWD BONUS][…]

EP.68 – “Not Today, Not Tomorrow…” (TWD – BONUS)

REFS, WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO BRING BACK OUR WEEKLY #TWD EPISODE REVIEWS, NOW THAT IT’S BACK ON THE AIR! That said, we felt that it was only right to do a bonus episode covering the Season 7 premiere! Since this was a special affair, we had Nikki Siixx from www.nikkisiixx.com join us Read more about EP.68 – “Not Today, Not Tomorrow…” (TWD – BONUS)[…]

“Fresh Flesh”

*SPOILER ALERT* In this BONUS episode of The Officially Street Podcast, Syer and Jayomega discuss their reactions and predictions on Season 6 Episode 3 of The Walking Dead, “Thank You”. Since there were so many things that they wanted to discuss regarding the episode, they decided to give it its own exclusive episode. What did you Read more about “Fresh Flesh”[…]