September 8, 2016

Who is Cherry Poppins?



Radio personality, Cherry Poppins was born in Ft. Wayne, IN in the early 90s.  Since she was a child, she always had the urge to be in the spotlight, but never really knew what it was that would put her there.  In 2001, she moved to Passaic, NJ. There she began to write poetry and short stories.  In 2008, she moved to PA and began experimenting with music.  Although making music was so much fun for her, Cherry knew that she would not go far in the music industry, and decided to take school more seriously.  It was during her Junior year at East Stroudsburg University that she began hosting her radio show, Heart2Heart on 90.3WESS FM college radio station.  Her first 2 years on the show, she co-hosted with long time friend, MellaDi.  The structure of Heart2Heart then was the two friends speaking about their everyday lives and celebrity gossip.  After MellaDi graduated in 2014, Cherry Poppins decided to take the show a little more seriously and give it structure.  She began taking in artists to interview every week.  To date, Cherry Poppins has about 30 interviews under her belt.

You can catch Cherry Poppins every Tuesday night at 10PM on 90.3 WESS, and every other week here on the The Officially Street Podcast where she brings a totally different, yet very entertaining dynamic to the show.

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