EP.118 – I’m a Hoe Too

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the act of terror that took place in Las Vegas on October 1st, leaving at least 59 innocent people dead and over 520 injured. In this week’s episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we discuss what we know about the Las Vegas shooting, as well as how it relates to terrorism, mental health, and the importance of taking it serious. We shared how you can make donations to help victims in Puerto Rico affected by Hurricane Maria (link below). We say Rest in Peace to Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner. We talk about 21 Savage, his now fiancé Amber Rose, and her latest Slut Walk. We laugh about the Twitter beef between Wendy’s and Wing Stop. Then, after #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL, we ask 3 extra inning questions: 1) Do dick pics really work? 2) What’s the worst sexual experience you’ve ever had? And 3) Do you keep a physical running list of the people you’ve had sex with? Listeners, please share your answers and join us in our conversations via social media! If you enjoy this episode, give us a 5 star rating on apple podcasts.

Donate to #HurricaneMaria victims in Puerto Rico

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