Hurricane and Chill?

Introducing! Go check out the latest news with the podcast and music. Also, follow @TOSPodcast_SO on twitter and Periscope to get the episodes FIRST if you haven’t subscribed yet, as well as watch us record the podcast LIVE. If you don’t have Android or Apple (or if you’re living under a rock), you can subscribe via Soundcloud @ In this episode, Syer and Jayomega review the Future/Drake mixtape (or album) #WATTBA, Fetty Wap’s self titled debut-album, and a few other GREAT topics. (Does J-LO have a sex tape floating around somewhere? Has Young Thug finally gone too far? Does Game beef for fun? Do you have you’re “Hurricane and Chill” kit ready for “Hurricane Joaquin”?) Leave a comment and let us know. As usual, please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, SHARE and ENJOY! You are appreciated.

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