EP.62 – Who Is Lianna Gatto? (BONUS)


What’s up #Refs? It’s your boy, Jayomega…(thats @JayomegaSO on every social media network). Welcome back to another episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST! In this cool bonus episode, we interview up and coming singer Lianna Gatto, also known as LEE GATTZ.┬áLianna and I met at “The Stanhope House” (where she opened up for Talib Kweli), and I was shocked by how well she performed and how dope her voice was. Today, we took the time to learn more about how Lianna got started, her journey through music thus far, and what’s next for her overall. Lianna doesn’t have much music online, but while she was in the studio, we bribed her into hitting the booth to do a cover of Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” so that you guys could get a sample of her dope voice. I plan on setting up a SoundCloud for her and getting her in the studio to do some more covers as well, just until she can identify her own style and we can start making some REAL MUSIC. Stay tuned for that; Lianna’s future is bright.

Thanks for tuning in! #AUHH

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