EP.88 – Everybody Gets a Dream

In this episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST – Syer, Jayomega, and Cherry Poppins talk about Donald Trump accusing former President Barack Obama of wire tapping his phones during the election process. They discuss Oprah Winfrey’s comments on running for President, and whether or not they would vote for her. They share their opinions on whether or not “Hip Hop” belongs in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. After #OfficialOrUnofficial, they ask each other if they’ve ever been sold a dream and fallen for it. That question was then remixed into whether or not any of them had sold a dream to someone else. Have you ever sold, or been sold a dream?

#PPOTW (Podcast Picks of the Week)
Syer – @HMWHCpodcast
Jayomega – @700Block_Pod
Cherry – @DannyandCleo

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