EP.94 – Blem de la Blem – featuring Shaka Ptah

You’re in for a treat this episode #refs. This evening, we invited up and coming artist and long time friend of the show, Shaka Ptah to the studio. We talk about the Cleveland shooter Steve Stephens, Aaron Hernandez, Carmelo Anthony and Lala, Drake’s alleged soon to be baby mamma, just how “blem” we are or aren’t, and so much more. Later, we got into the story of Shaka Ptah. From growing up a music lover, to becoming a high school athlete, to pursuing a hip hop career after sustaining season ending injuries, all the way to finding himself and becoming the talented and gifted artist that he is today. The journey is dope, and he took us along for the ride. We then talk about the current state of hip hop, share our “Top 5s”, and at the very end, Shaka hooks us up with an exclusive freestyle! We apologize in advance for the long ass episode, but we guarantee you’ll enjoy every second…that is, if you’re really blem for real. Tune in!

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