EP.97 – Playing with Fyre

Hey #refs, we’re back! In this week’s episode of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, it’s just me and Syer in the studio. We spoke a bit about the story of 15 year old Jordan Edwards, and how he was shot an killed by Police out in Texas. We posed the question of whether or not the reaction would have been different if it were a white kid that were murdered. We also revisited the Alton Sterling case, in that the police officer who murdered him would not be facing any charges. Fox News is still under the spotlight for their discriminatory behavior geared toward their employees of color, and Kelly Wright is here to make sure they continue to feel the burn. The state of Louisiana is attempting to remove confederate monuments, however there’s been a lot push back from some of the natives. 20 year old lead actress Herizen Guardiola-who plays the role of Mylene on “The Get Down”-is reportedly dating a 16 year old. Is that a big deal? Let us know by tuning in and joining the discussion!

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