EP.99 – Sit Down, Sally.

#Yip. In Episode 99 of THE OFFICIALLY STREET PODCAST, we talk about the horrible suicide bombing that took place in Manchester during an Ariana Grande concert, the fact that Betty Shelby was acquitted in the case of the murder of Terence Crutcher, the fact that Steve Harvey is too good to speak to his staff, and-after a quick round of #OFFICIALorUNOFFICIAL-we brought up the topic of copy cats. Where is the line drawn between someone acting from inspiration versus straight up stealing someone’s style/ideas?

PSAEpisode ONE HUNNA is NEXT WEEK! Please don’t forget to send voice notes/drops to officiallystreet@gmail.com letting us know what your favorite memories and/or episodes of #TOSPodcast are. You can also send post them on social media with the hashtag #TOSMoments.
Also – We’re going to play a drinking game next week. Any time we say the word and/or phrase of your choice, we have to take a shot (or sip of a mixed drink if you’re Cherry)! Send us texts, DMs, Tweets, Emails, etc. with the word or phrase YOU think we use often that will catch us slipping. Make sure it’s a good one! We will choose the top 2-maybe 3-depending on what they are. We would love to hear from you!

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