September 12, 2015

Who is Syer?


Rapper/Producer Syer (Daniel Reyes) was born in The Bronx, NY in the late 80’s.  Always been around music, his father was big into funk and soul music and his brother was an inspiring Hip Hop DJ.  Moved to PA when he was 12 and started Rapping when he was 16.  Was always intrigued with Production and tried his hand at producing around the age of 20.  Hasn’t stopped since then and he is now an in-house producer for The Street Officials and a rapper in the group as well.

Proud Husband and Father of Four, 3 Daughters and 1 Son, as you hear from the podcast (lol).  He still works on music and still dreams of doing big things in the music business. Stay tuned to the podcast to see what he is planning to do next!

He has accomplished


– Best of Syer Vol.1 and Vol.2

– Coming For The Crown Vols 1-3

– The Ruler’s Back (Coming Soon)

Featured on Kicks and Crooked “The Hype Section”, as well

Featured on Various Hip-Hop/R&B radio shows

Opened up for Fred Da Godson

Produced “Road to Perdition” on Ransom’s “Pain and Glory”

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Instagram – Syer_SO

Snapchat – Syer_SO

Twitter – @Syerso

Soundcloud –